How I work

My brand of international design leadership is built on the knowledge that outperforming even the most bullish business projections is a strategic choice that starts with ways of working.

For this I primarily focus on two areas:

1. Foresight – Identifying shifts and movements

Continuously studying the underlying global shifts and movements (long before they become trends) happening across nations, cities and societies is fundamental in building successful strategic design organisations.

An understanding of current affairs, urbanism, ecology, culture, technology, finance and more is key in order for one’s work to have lasting impact. Done right, this provides a strategic design or creative team’s true purpose, guides its hiring, and ensures that relevant, ground breaking work gets done.

2. Evaluation – Understanding the impact

The ability to move from having identified a shift to understanding its impact requires an evolved approach to evaluation and decision making. It takes a broad set of perspectives, which makes this the responsibility of everyone in a strategic design organisation (and not that of a single role, individual or department).

Regardless of a team’s backgrounds, abilities, ages, orientations or formal qualifications (or lack there of), making the work of understanding part of the day to day job saves time, improves fact finding, translates abstract issues to concrete actions, and builds cohesion.

Sustained success

Foresight and evaluation as outlined above lead to measurable, actionable results. Ultimately they create a solid foundation for sustained success and make strategic design teams instrumental in exceeding their organisation’s business goals and their creative ambitions.

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