How I work

My brand of international design leadership revolves around the knowledge that building teams, products and services that outperform even the most bullish projections is a choice that starts with team make-up and ways of working.

To achieve this I focus primarily on two areas:

1. Understanding shifts and movements

Continuously studying the larger underlying shifts and movements happening across our cities and societies (long before they become trends) is fundamental to good design and good design leadership.

An understanding of current affairs, urbanism, ecology, culture, technology, finance and more is key in order to have lasting impact. Done right, this provides a team's true purpose, guides its hiring, and ensures that relevant work gets done.

2. Listening to people

Regardless of people's backgrounds, abilities, age, orientations or formal qualifications (or lack there of), the art of listening saves time, improves fact finding, translates abstract issues to concrete actions, and builds cohesion.

This applies to individual team members as well as organisations, clients, audiences and those who are not identified as a project's audience but who will be directly or indirectly be affected by what is being designed.

Sustained success

By identifying what is possible now and what will soon be needed (see point 1 above) and doing so in an inclusive manner (see point 2) I help businesses as well as design teams exceed their goals. And their products and services evolve through (occasionally unexpected) yet viable means.

Done right change is positive, tangible, measurable, actionable and an evolution of what came before it. Ultimately this is the foundation of sustained success in business and in design leadership.