How I work

My brand of Human Centred Design is a true-needs, emphatic, collaborative and highly effective way of taking the guesswork out of important decisions.

It revolves around research, iterative exploration, ideation, analysis, prototyping and real-world testing in collaboration with clients, audiences and other contributors.

The aim is to understand how people, businesses, cities and organisations can pro-actively prepare (now) and build (over time) as our needs, wishes and the world evolves.

Prototyping is an unbeatable way to gain relevant insights. (Slide from a recent presentation.)

I’m not formulaic, yet there are two things I believe very strongly in:

1. Understanding shifts and movements
Continuously studying the larger underlying shifts and movements happening across our societies is fundamental to good design. Current affairs, ecology, culture, transportation, technology, finance and more.

Why? These shifts will eventually settle and become trends and then it's too late to build in preparation for them. Trends are simply remnants of what others have already done.

2. Humans. People. We, all of us.
Whether I work on services, products, tools or physical spaces it is my unshakable belief that research, experimentation, ideation and real-world testing must be done together with other people. Clients, audiences, and everyone else directly or indirectly benefitting or being affected by what we build.

And always with a truly open, collaborative and ultimately deeply informed and sharing mindset.