Jaan is a strong international design leader with great facilitation, coaching and leadership skills. I would recommend him to anyone working on the global design scene.

— Mads Gustafsen, Co-CEO and Global Managing Partner at Manyone

As a people leader, Jaan has truly amazing coaching and mentoring skills leading to elevated team performance.

— Tuomas Syrjänen, Co-founder and AI Renewal, Futurice Group

Jaan is incredibly savvy in understanding design from a human perspective. Whether in the context of cities, services or experiences.

He embodies relentless curiosity and mature professionalism when he sets out to identify the societal shifts and movements worth paying attention to.

— Mette Andersen, CEO, Getthriving

You brought new perspectives, knowledge and how-to that is now in our DNA. […] you set our direction and inspired me to look further…

— Bodil Eriksson, CEO, Volvo Car Mobility

Jaan is an amazing, passionate guy who understands the intersection of branding, design and user experience better than anyone else I’ve met.

— Andy McLoughlin, OBE. Co-founder Huddle, Partner at Uncork Capital

As a celebrated author, sought after public speaker, and industry thought leader, I can quite honestly not recommend Jaan enough. Factually, the highest recommendation I can give.

— Justin Dauer, Vice President, Human-Centered Design and Development, Bswift