Recent and ongoing.

At our agency, Manyone, we have studios in Singapore, Hong Kong, Stockholm, São Paulo, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, and New York City. Thus, we always have exciting projects in progress for clients around the world. The main site is the best place to explore them. Have a look →

Sketched ideas for a mobility project.

And, here are a few other recent and work-in-progress commissions:

It was an honor to work with the team at YLE, Finland’s progressive public broadcaster. Together with a cross-departmental group we explored and evaluated new ways of working, ideation and prototyping in order to evolve the news, current affairs, culture, sports, and entertainment services YLE provides.

Some of the team at YLE in Helsinki, with collaborator Tommie Cau and myself.

How can we improve the built environment to mitigate challenges posed by climatic conditions and urban heat islands (UHI) in Southeast Asian cities? By understanding the human-nature interface. The Outdoor Thermal Comfort project explores what can be done by rethinking the physical point where public space meets commercial real estate.

The goal is to use spatial analysis, qualitative research and data analysis to find a quicker route to real world trials with greenery, water and biodiversity at its core. My role: Developing the main concept and leading the design work in its next iteration.

The Outdoor Thermal Comfort project. Ongoing work.

As Global Cities Lead at M by Volvo Car Mobility I conceived, directed and delivered the company's cities work in collaboration with CEO Bodil Eriksson. We successfully combined future vision and forecasting with direct stake holder engagement (from Mayors to informal city and community leaders) and completed mobility research and planning in M's regional and international cities.

[...] we look to reimagine the streetscape and reclaim space for cities.


The book

In our book State of Mind at Work, and through workshops and talks, Tommie Cau and I help individuals and organisations across Europe and Asia find better ways of doing incredible work. It all starts with ones own state of mind.

The book is full of proven steps to take, and effective actions to complete. A quick and effective read. Order the book →

The ultimate goal is for each and everyone of us to achieve the ability and freedom to intuitively do our best.

— State of Mind at Work
Tommie Cau and Jaan Orvet
With my ‘State of Mind at Work’ co-author and collaborator Tommie Cau. Photo by Ann Jonasson

The students

The creators of the future are attending renowned institutions such as KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Aalto University. I am fortunate enough to be a guest lecturer at both. Coaching the next gen of design and technology leaders is satisfying and inspiring in equal measure, and occasionally a tad nerve wrecking in the best possible way.

Paper prototyping in a digital context, with my students at KTH.