Notes and images

A few notes, linked here for sharing in connection with my presentations and workshops. Plus photos for speaker bios etc.

‘Cities for people’ — A Manyone take on urbanism and mobility →
The mobility commissions that tend to receive attention are those focusing on the moving thing itself. But there are tremendous opportunities within mobility and urbanism when the focus is not the mode of transport.

Resilience for Design Leaders →
As designers, we’re good at iterating, adapting, learning. At seeing opportunity. We should continue doing that for our clients and our teams. And ourselves too.

Human centred design for cities and services →
Cities run on design. Done right, cities thrive and support us human beings.

How cities affect the services we create →
Understanding cities, and everything they entail, are fast becoming a core skill for every type of designer.

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Jaan Orvet
Photo by Frida Vega Salomonsson
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Tommie Cau and Jaan Orvet, co-authors and creators of State of Mind at Work
Photo by Ann Jonasson