Jaan is an amazing, passionate guy who understands the intersection of branding, design and user experience better than anyone else I’ve met.
— Andy McLoughlin Co-founder Huddle, Venture Partner SoftTech VC

A quick introduction

My work helps people and organisations create better products, services and spaces.

I build and coach design teams for agencies and product companies. The teams are centred on people, on humans. Both as creators and as receivers of the work created.

I also do client work (often with the teams I build) which embraces the fact that tools, services and interactions are no longer stuck behind a sheet of glass. Everything and everywhere is a 'touchpoint', if we want it to be. This is either restraining or liberating. And from this perspective I stand unshakeable in my belief that people and ethics always come first.

In terms of professional roots, mine are firmly planted in the world of User Experience design. It is no great surprise, then, that I believe clarity and simplicity are the only "rules" we should follow.



I advise a select number of international agency and product companies on Design and User Experience Strategy, and build teams for them that successfully, collaboratively and consistently deliver the results they need.

When possible I bring my clients, their teams, audiences and clients together in live projects to explore how and why a better way of working matters and how they can all contribute to it and benefit from it. At the moment I work mainly across Europe and in Hong Kong.

Advisor at Roombler, Co-founder State of Mind at Work ⇢ and Founding Editor of print titles Paper Light Magazine and 96°

Speaker, guest lecturer and moderator at events and institutions including Berghs School of Communication, XDesign Stockholm 2016, Cotalk by Codesign, Almedalen and Nordic Intranet Summit.

Swedish, formerly based in San Francisco and London with a stint in Washington D.C. Now living in Stockholm. 

On the "Can enterprise apps ever be beautiful?" panel at MobileBeat by VentureBeat in San Francisco. Photo by Michael O'Donnell ⇢

On the "Can enterprise apps ever be beautiful?" panel at MobileBeat by VentureBeat in San Francisco.
Photo by Michael O'Donnell ⇢


International Head of Creative at Comprend [Stockholm, London, Lisbon + Milan] (2014-2016). Developed award-winning UX & Design team. Established human centered design methodology with an emphasis on research and collaboration. Clients included European industry leaders BBVA, Grant Thornton, SEB Bank, Electrolux, William Hill. 

Global Head of Creative at Nansen [Stockholm, Chicago, London, New York, Washington D.C.] (2011-2013). Built and coached the international UX and design teams, setting the overall creative direction for the agency. Clients included Electrolux, Coop, Reyes Beverage Group, Vårdförbundet and Aggro Pekuliar.

UX & Design Director at cloud collaboration leader Huddle (2010-2011) in San Francisco, Telegraph Tech Start-up 100 Award winner. Inaugural RHoK ⇢ judge with founding partners NASA, The World Bank, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

On a Skype call with Nansen's Client Services Director Charlotta Lorentz.  Photo by David Kästel.

On a Skype call with Nansen's Client Services Director Charlotta Lorentz. 
Photo by David Kästel.

Co-founder at Skrivr and OpenTypography. Advisor at  Weld ⇢ and MND Labs. Co-author of 'Noded - The untouchable business', listed by Internetworld magazine with Twitter, Apple and Nintendo Wii as ideas and companies that “got it right” and are leading the way to the future.

In 2008 coined the term Functional Creativity to explain how successful digital projects combine strategy, concept development, function and UX:

Functional is easy to understand and helps us get things done. A function has value. Creativity solves problems, it has the power to inspire, guide and evolve.



Spray, Marieberg Interactive, SMC, Yahoo! (2003-2004), Sharpenr (2004-2010) and Stanford University CSP, JMK Stockholm University and Poppius School of Journalism alumni. Former writer, editor, photographer and columnist. 

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Listen to what the human ‘you’ wants, not what the title on your business card demands.
— Engage (Intl.) - "Think Human: The psychology of user experience design"
Orvet said corporations have done a good job at suppressing employees’ desire to be productive. Tablets and smartphones don’t suppress that desire.
— InformationWeek (United States)
User Experience is also about creating something that evokes emotion and provides something better, simpler or more effective. Like Readmill that combines a clear, calm yet very lust filled way of encouraging reading. Or Soundcloud’s simple way to share music and sounds. They both allow us to play with and explore our human senses, said Jaan Orvet.
— Metro (Sweden) - "He designs the internet of the future"

The press coverage for Huddle during my tenure as UX & Design Director was very positive. 

Huddle has a well-designed user experience, consistent across workspaces
— TechRepublic
A very simple and clean interface, easy to understand and use
— CMS Wire
The breakout success of the year
— Read Write Web
The jewel in tech venture capitalist Eden Ventures’ crown
— Wall Street Journal